November 28, 2017

A Weekend in St. George

June 2 - 4, 2017

CJ wanted to do a weekend trip with just the three of us down to St. George. He's always so good about planning our trips that they are always relaxing for me! Not to mention he really takes over with Robbie, which I joke makes me the third wheel, but I really love just watching those two have fun together.

The only downer of this trip was that I had been hit really hard with morning sickness up until this trip. I'm talking throwing up 8 times a day and not being able to keep down liquids or popsicles. This round of morning sickness also physically hurt when I threw up, violent is the only word to describe it; like my stomach was cramping every last drop of fluid out of me. My doctor put me on a trial of some medicine that I started taking on this trip. It stopped me from throwing up, but the trade off was that it turned me into what CJ describes a sedated zombie. I had no energy and was so unbelievably tired. That being said, I really enjoyed sitting back and watching Robbie have fun with his dad! Robbie really took to swimming this trip and was swimming all over the pool with CJ. We went to Sand Hollow where Robbie enjoyed eating treats and playing in the waves.
CJ let Robbie smack him with a pool noodle over and over again. No wonder he is Robbie's favorite!
Nothing better than enjoying the sun in the water!
CJ took Robbie to breakfast at McDonalds in the morning for breakfast to let me sleep longer. Robbie discovered his love for the play place and the kids meal toys. One thing he'll chow down on is their breakfast sandwiches!
I just love these two.
After this trip, CJ somehow got sick with the flu and was out for three days. I was really struggling to take care of Robbie on my own because I ran out of my medicine and my morning sickness came back with a vengeance. I was throwing up every time I got up to take care of Robbie: get him food, a drink, go to the bathroom. It got to the point where I texted Wendy, CJ's mom, and asked if she was free to watch Robbie. She drove all the way up to Salt Lake to pick up Robbie for us. Our house was a war zone. Dishes hadn't been done, food was all over the floor from Robbie scavenging cereal on his own, toys and clothes were spread throughout the house in its entirety. When she walked into our house, Robbie walked over into the kitchen put his hands up and chuckled, "It's a MESS!" haha She took him for a couple of days so we could get feeling better. I don't know what we would have done without her!

November 10, 2017

Robbie Turns Two!

April 28, 2017

(Over six months behind... is anyone surprised? Not me. Not sure I'll ever make it past that six month mark)

For Robbie's second birthday, I decided to give our little sports enthusiast a sports themed birthday! I really love decorating for birthdays even though I may not be the most creative or elaborate. I thought hanging the ball paper lanterns from the ceiling turned out really cute though! CJ and I spent all night the night before cleaning and decorating for his birthday. When he came out of his room, he stopped dead in his tracks and had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the basketballs, baseballs, and footballs hanging from the ceiling. The biggest hit though were the red, yellow, blue "baboons" with a big two that I had by the window. "Ay a boons! Red boon!"

That morning, I had Robbie's friends Harvey and Lyla come over for Robbie's favorite treat, Banbury donuts, and to play! I frantically made Robbie's cake throughout the day and collapsed during his nap time because I was still waking up to teach English to kids in China at 4:45 in the morning and was also pregnant. It was all worth it though because Robbie had been anticipating cake and balloons for weeks before! 
My mom, dad, Emily and Ben came over to have another favorite of Robbie's, pizza, and to have cake and watch him open his presents. We missed CJ's parents! They were out of town on his birthday, but Robbie had a special dinner with them to his favorite place to go and eat, Chick Fil A and to the toy store after to pick out a gift. He's a lucky kid!
Here he is saying he's two! He did not love being sung to, but really enjoyed blowing out his candles.
My mom really hit a home run with her gift. She bought him a football, soccer ball, and a baseball mitt. Each reaction to pulling it out of the bag was just as big as the one pictured. 
Robbie's present from us was a strider balance bike and helmet! CJ and I wanted to get him a balance bike because we both had seen kids ride them in Europe before they had really come over to the U.S.  I had always loved the idea of it helping them learn to balance and eventually transition over to a bike with no training wheels. Robbie was so excited to have his own bike!
And I couldn't resist this picture of him the morning after finishing off the donuts from his birthday. We love our TWO year old! 

October 4, 2017

On Pa's Putting Green

It's safe to say that the highlight of this trip for Robbie was playing on my grandpa's putting green that is in their backyard. Not only did Robbie get to play on the putting green, CJ, my dad, and grandpa took him with them to go hit balls on the driving range. You better believe CJ packed Robbie's clubs for this purpose! 

I have so many pictures that CJ took of him on the putting green, that it warranted its own post. I have to say that I've warmed up to golf as Robbie has really grown to love it. To the point where I think it'd be fun if we could eventually put a putting green into our yard! 

Easter in California

I'm not sure how this has happened both times, but I found out I was pregnant a week before leaving to California and my morning sickness struck once we were there. Somehow I'm always six weeks pregnant during this trip; it was the exact same timing when we went to visit over Labor Day when I was pregnant with Robbie, sickness and all! I was able to hide it much better this time and didn't want to tell anyone for awhile, but CJ was dying to tell my family. They were so shocked and excited!
No weather will ever deter this guy from playing outside!
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is my favorite place in the world, and I have been anxiously waiting the day that Robbie would be old enough to enjoy it! We dragged the whole family, including my grandparents. My grandpa always makes fun of me asking me how many times I need to see the same fish. He couldn't have been more pleased when Robbie did not take a liking to the aquarium one bit. It was extremely crowded, the most crowded I've ever seen it so you couldn't even really enjoy the tanks without swarms of people trying to take a look. When we would make it up to the glass, Robbie would get nervous and not want to look at the fish. The whole time we were there, he kept saying, "Go back GG's house!!" My grandpa dug the knife in a little deeper, "Guess he doesn't have the same liking as you, Audrey," with the most smug, content look on his face. Back to the putting green with his dad and great grandpa! Maybe this second baby will be my aquarium enthusiast. 
The one thing he did like in the aquarium was reaching in and grabbing seaweed, shells, etc. 
About to reach in to the sting ray pool! He was not a fan, but I took the opportunity and felt it myself, woot!
A rare picture of the two of us in its blurry glory. 
Gilroy Gardens is this cute park with rides tailored just for Robbie's age surrounded in the most beautiful gardens. His favorite rides were anything with a car or truck, but I loved watching him in this little goldfish ride that went up and down in a circle. His face started from a content stare and slowly curved into a little smug. 
If his focus is this honed when he's sixteen, I think we'll have a safe driver on our hands. Wouldn't take his eyes off the road for one little wave at his adoring fans watching above. 
There could not have been a more ideal Easter egg hunt for Robbie. The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the putting green for him to find. He had so much fun looking in the holes, in the flowers, and on the green for some eggs. 
Robbie with GG. He calls my grandpa "Pa". He loves them so very much and asks to go back to GG's house. He still will talk about seeing "Curkies" (turkeys) with Pa when my grandpa took him on a little walk with the bike to see them on the golf course. I love that he is able to spend so much time with his great grandparents!
This picture cracks me up for some reason. For his birthday, my grandpa bought Robbie a polo and hat from Cordevalle, his golf course. It's been a big hit with him! Robbie asks to wear his golf shirt and hat everyday!

I really love spending time with my grandparents. They're truly my best friends and I have so much fun anytime I'm around them. I wish we lived closer!