May 22, 2017

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

November 25, 2016
Our first Christmas tree, we cut down with the Hunters. This year we decided to go to another tree farm in Alpine with the Hunters to cut one down again so it we our tree wouldn't die halfway through December. We've found it does make a huge difference when it's freshly cut. 
And somehow we managed to drive that tree all the way home to Salt Lake in the corolla! 
Every year I find myself pleading with CJ to put the lights on the tree, yet somehow I'm the one that ends up doing them.... Might be because of my high expectations of having every branch stranded, but we'll never know ;) The only problem with cutting down our Christmas tree is that we somehow always pick the sharpest ones. I double layered a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt and wore CJ's yard work gloves to get 'er done. CJ turned on a Christmas movie and was on duty of passing me lights around the tree and getting the strands untangled. Proud of him for chipping in, but I'll hold on to my high hopes that he'll take it on next year.
Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love setting out all of our Christmas decorations. They make me so happy! This year, for Robbie's ornament, I picked out the cutest felt tiger because of the very intense, strenuous, deep and serious tiger sound he makes that is just one of my favorite things about him right now.
I've been working on completing my Nutcracker Suite collection with all of the characters from the ballet. I just need the Mouse King, Spanish dancer, and Chinese dancer. The nativity on the table is perfect for little kids. The figurines are actually made of plastic, but are intricately painted. I loved finding the different set ups Robbie would lay out after playing with them. Sometimes the goats and camel would be on the fire place or a chicken would be in the manger. I wish I snapped a picture! 
And our favorite Christmas pyramid from when CJ and I went and visited his mission. One of our favorite purchases ever. If only our house was this decorated year round!

April 29, 2017

Jazz Games

With Robbie's new love of "gahbaketball", we knew we had to take Robbie to some Jazz games this season! CJ had some free tickets from his work up in the nosebleeds. We thought this would be a good test run to see how Robbie would do. Robbie loved everything from the "choo choo" (trax) ride to the arena, to walking to our seats. He held CJ's hand the entire time, his eyes were wide taking everything in with the occasional whisper of "gahbaketball". Robbie was so focused on the game and pointing to the players on the court that he didn't even really want the cotton candy I bought to share with him.

Since that first Jazz game, Robbie has sat in my parent's seats that are on the sixth row behind the team's bench more than I have! He either sits on CJ's lap or my dad's lap. He LOVES watching the game and snacking on some popcorn that Papa buys. We only stay for the first half because the games are so late and we don't want him to completely fall apart.

We love taking our little buddy with us! Who knew a one and a half year old would love watching basketball, football, and even golf as much as he does!

April 5, 2017

Boys' Trip to Colorado

November 19-20, 2016

This is the kind of dad CJ is: he finds $40 round trip tickets to Colorado and decides to take his 18 month old son on a boys' trip to visit his grandpa on the ranch. I don't know any men that would take their 18 month old on a trip on their own. CJ is the most capable dad I know! CJ's dad also went with them which was so fun for Robbie to spend time with his dad, grandad, and great grandpa!
CJ used to go out to Colorado to help his grandpa with the ranch in the summer. CJ flew me out when we first started dating to visit him. I have the best memories of that week at the ranch with him. He was so excited to show Robbie.
I love this picture!
The ranch is the perfect place for Robbie. One of the main reasons being the cows. CJ said Robbie would start yelling, "MOO MOOS! MOO MOOS!" anytime he saw a cow, which gave CJ's grandpa quite a kick. CJ's grandpa gave Robbie a stuffed cow that he had at his house that Robbie sleeps with and plays with everyday.
I love this one too. Hay bales for Robbie to climb, tractors, cars, ATV's--a boy's heaven!
The truck in the background was CJ's grandpa's grandpa's car. CJ thinks it's from the 1930s. There are a couple of really cool old cars in some garages around the ranch.
One of my favorite parts of the ranch is the fish hatchery! Robbie loved looking at all of the fish.
CJ took Robbie down the zipline. He was fine the first time, but cried a little after the second time. Takes after his mama, this one! This picture is a little blurry, but I love it because of his hair flying back in the wind.
When you ask Robbie about his Great Grandpa Hunter, he says, "Moo moos!" and "Vroom, vroom," in a very low voice. Robbie LOVED going on rides on the ATV to look at the cows.
There they go!
CJ always thinks the tag of his beanie goes directly in the middle of his forehead when it's supposed to go to the side. Dads. 
Four generations! CJ is named after his grandpa and dad, Calvin John. We broke the chain with Robbie.... CJ went back and forth, even after Robbie was born, trying to decide if he should continue with the name. He decided he'd maybe name our second son Calvin John. This has turned out to work well for me because as of the past few months, he's told me he's perfectly content with just Robbie, but he'd be fine having a second in four or five years and then calling it good..... Hopefully this gives him more incentive ;)

While I was slightly envious of missing Robbie's first time at the ranch, I also love that he had such a special time with his dad. With these cheap flights, I can see this becoming a tradition for them that I'm sure Robbie will cherish in the years to come!

April 3, 2017

Last Snow Game

November 12, 2016

Ben's last football season at Snow came and went faster for our liking. CJ and I loved breaking up our routine every couple of Saturdays to drive down and spend the day outside with Robbie watching Ben play. Family usually came too: my grandpa, uncle, my grandparents from California, so it also served as an opportunity to spend time with extended family. What will we do next fall for our football fix?  
This is a picture of Robbie with his two great grandpas: the two people he is named after! My Grandpa Bergeson (Scott) on the left and my Grandpa Zinn (Robert) on the right. It's not everyday you're with two of your great grandpas! He loves them very much.
I loved this picture of Robbie with my Grandma and Grandpa Zinn. He calls my grandma "GG" and my grandpa "Pa".
I also love this picture of Ben with my grandparents! Isn't it the sweetest? Ben is my grandpa reincarnated. Those two are kindred spirits in more ways than one.

March 29, 2017


November 3, 2016

"You can say gahbaketball, but you can't say Mamie??".
- Chandra

His love for sports helped him say an impressive four syllable word as one of his first words. He loves throwing basketballs into makeshift hoops: my arms (slightly terrifying), a laundry basket, a drawer. We finally caved and bought him a basketball hoop and it's turned out to be a great investment, the return being time as he keeps himself entertained for minutes on end. 
One evening, when CJ was home, I asked him to play with Robbie while I was cooking dinner. I noticed the house was suddenly quiet....too quiet. I walked into the room and saw CJ had propped Robbie up on our pillows, tucked him into our comforter, gave him his milk, and had set him up with a basketball game streaming on our laptop. Robbie couldn't have been more pleased.
Lately when he goes to bed, he always asks for a "gahbaketball" and once it's placed in his crib, he contently lies down to sleep.   We snuck into his room one night to get a picture of Robbie sleeping next to his dad's basketball. 

We love this kid.

March 26, 2017

18 Months

October 28, 2016
This picture is one of my favorite pictures of Robbie! Unfortunately it was taken with my phone and not our camera! I love his cute racing car PJ's, his corgi slippers Grammie brought him back from London, his blonde hair sticking up straight at the crown of his head, and his sweet little expression on his face. It perfectly captures how I'll always picture him at this age. 

Watching Robbie develop is exciting and rewarding. He's had an explosion of vocabulary! One morning, I was taken back when he responded to my mundane routine morning question, "Do you want some oatmeal?" "Yeah!" Right now, Robbie's yeah's are my favorite. They're never casual, always enthusiastic and usually in a string of three to five, his feet picking up and down quickly to match his exuberance. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAAAAAH!" 

Hearing his little voice talk fills my mama heart. One favorite memory was when he was sitting down coloring. I held out about five colors in one hand. He methodically looked over the colors with a furrowed brow. His chubby hand picked a yellow pencil, and immediately he decides against it, "no, no, no, no, no," not lifting his furrowed gaze until he chooses a more satisfactory color.

In the car he incessantly yells "MAMA!!!!!" When I'm not turned around looking at him. "Mama.mama.mama.mama. Mama! Mama! MA MAAAAA!!" Only when I turn around to see what he's pointing out or showing me will he stop, but the second I turn back he resumes. It's a good thing I don't get car sick!

"Ah, ah, ah," means "Again!" He wants you to read him another book? "Ah, ah, ah" The first Ah being more accentuated than the last. He wants Uncle Ben to throw the ball again? "Ah, ah, ah." 
"UH OH!" is used frequently as well. Anytime something spills or he drops something, "Uh oh! UH oh! UH OH!!" until it is rectified. In the car when I get nervous about CJ's driving, "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh OH!" Until one of us tells him everything is all right. One time I was driving back to Salt Lake in rush hour, the worst, and would slow down to a complete stop. Each time a sincere, "Uh OH! UH OH!!!!!" would sound from the back seat. "It's okay, Robbie! Sometimes we have to stop, but we'll start driving again soon." Oddly enough he only does this with the freeway, not around town. I don't know how he understands the difference!

The biggest anticipated milestone for 18 months--nursery! Robbie went the first couple of times with no problem, but because five kids all started nursery at the same time (yes, five kids born within a week of each other in our ward), most of them cried. They have a gate at the door so they don't lose any tots; when you walk you up to pick up your child, they're all holding onto the gate hysterically sad, yet so hilarious. After a few weeks, the crying got to him and he no longer wanted to go to nursery which has meant lots and lots of tears, even before dropping him off. Being the little smart guy he is, he starts to cry every time the congregation sings a hymn or says a prayer because he thinks it means sacrament meeting is over and he has to go to nursery....

One of the first things I noticed about Robbie as a newborn was how aware he was. He was so aware that I would get comments from everyone--from family to strangers in the grocery store. His awareness has only continued to develop! Robbie has a friend named Lyla. We've been to her house maybe once or twice, but it had been a couple of months. When we drove to the street that she lives on (to get to her house you take a left, we take a right for our errands), he'd say, "Yiya!" I thought it was it was coincidence, but after awhile I noticed that he said, "Yiya!" every single time we came to that street. The kid knows where we are! It's moments like these where I wish he could talk more so I could see what else he is connecting.

Robbie loves animals and, for most of them, instead of calling them by their name, he calls them by their sound: aaaawwwoooo for a wolf, moo for a cow, a deep roar for lions and tigers. Bear, "go" for goat, "du" for duck, and my personal favorite "do" for fish. I have no idea how he came to "do" for fish, but  I love it. One time after I picked him up from nursery, they said they were so confused because he kept yelling, "Do! Do! DOOOO!" They then figured out he was yelling for the goldfish they were about to hand out.

Cows are Robbie's favorite animal. Even after being home from Switzerland, he'd throw his hands up in question and ask, "Moo moos?" He'll say to me every so often, "No mo' moo moos. Gone." He has seen cows in two places on our drive to Alpine: one on the left side of the freeway right before the Highland/Alpine exit, the other being where the Texas Long Horns graze in a field on the left of SR-92. He anticipates these two spots every drive down and makes sure to point them out each time, "MOO MOOS! MOO MOOS! MOO MOOS!"

One of Robbie's favorite books right now is "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild". Anytime the tiger says roar, I pause and Robbie gives the deepest crescendoing roar that is almost unbelievable coming from such a little guy. "......where he went completely wild." Cue Robbie. One night CJ read him this book with a Romanian Dracula accent. "If you must act vild, kindly do so in the vilderness." I can still picture and hear him reading this so clearly to Robbie. It's one of the moments that will be a treasure to me.

A new side has come out of Robbie from stacking blocks. Stacking his wooden blocks takes fine motor skills and some finesse that his stocky rough and tumble hands aren't used to. He'll stack about three or four blocks on top of each other, but once they fall over, he yells and will sometimes throw them in frustration. What I love is he keeps trying and let's me help him and show him it's okay if his tower falls over. Robbie loves puzzles and his shape sorter. I can't buy them fast enough for him! As he puts the pieces down, if he puts it down in the wrong place, he'll say, "No, no, no," then put it in the right place and say, "Yeah!" I also love watching his mind work as he tries to turn a piece around to make it fit. 

I never know whether to cringe or laugh when he puts on my mom's reading glasses, but he wears them any moment he can. He's so pleased with himself, but as he staggers because it skews his vision a little he realizes he has to stay put. He also will wear anything as a hat: a bucket, a plush fishing pond he got from Nana, his Star Wars bag from Grammie, his pants even. My favorite is the plush fishing pond. 

Along with our morning dance parties before CJ leaves for work, Robbie takes a shower with his dad. During which, CJ lifts him up so Robbie can peek his head over the top to wave to me. "Mama!!" I love our mornings as a family.

Open mouth kisses are still the norm. He hasn't quite figured out to close his lips quite yet, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love those open mouth kisses! Anytime you say, give dada kisses or give Grammie kisses, or give mama kisses, he runs with his mouth wide open until he makes contact. 

Sports. Sports. Sports. This kid lives and breathes for anything with a ball! Church is synonymous with "gahbaketball" because of the gym in the church. When he points to the church, he says "gahbaketball".  Recently, when we go to my mom's toy room, he'll point to the screen and ask me to turn on "ball". I've turned on both golf and basketball. Both have sufficed because he'll sit there and intently watch. When CJ gets home, the first thing Robbie does is ask him to play golf or basketball with him and he'll say, "Bye mama!" Boys' time! When he goes to bed, he likes to sleep with a football and basketball. His golf swing currently has an excellent *reverse* follow through. He swings, makes contact with the ball, and then brings it back to a starting pose and holds it while looking at the golf projector screen. 

A new difficulty that has come is Robbie has become quite the escape artist at my mom's house. He has figured out that he can crawl through the dog door to go outside. I'll be sitting talking to my mom and notice that it's suddenly quiet. I'll run to the back door and see him outside on the lawn with the dogs. I started putting the dog door cover back on when we came over, but since it's missing its lock, he has since been able to pull that off and then crawl through the dog door. 

Robbie has become very peculiar with when he drinks his milk. Anytime he lays down on our bed or on the couch, he'll ask for "wa wa". He's very pleased once he has it and lounges while drinking. Sometimes he'll even get territorial over the couch. If I'm laying on it when he wants to lay on it and drink his milk, he'll grunt and try to pull me off or go tap on another chair motioning that he wants me to sit there. Mom's don't even get a first choice in seating in their own house ;)

One of my favorite characteristics about Robbie at this age is his eagerness to help me and CJ. When we pull out a broom to sweep, he either pulls out the mop or dust pan and is right by our side every step of the way, usually scattering piles back across the floor. One time I helped him hold the dust pan while I swept the pile in. He wanted to carry it to the trash can and gingerly walked over until he tripped at the last moment and spilled it all over our door mat. I can't help but smile through these moments. He's such a sweet little guy.

I can't believe my baby is a year and a half! There is nothing more that I love than being Robbie's momma.

March 4, 2017

Halloween 2016

Pardon me for the picture overload, but can you blame me when Robbie was dressed as the cutest dinosaur? Both of my brothers wore this dinosaur costume at this age. I've always loved it and couldn't wait to have Robbie use it. 
My dad's work has the best Halloween party every year for the families. Each office has a big bucket of the best candy. We went with my mom, dad, and brother Kyle. Robbie was absolutely loving it until my Dad's coworker came up in a Chewbacca costume. After that, his eyes were warily scanning the premises for unforeseen costumes, and he never strayed past anyone's legs. When someone in a costume came into range, he had to be held by someone until the coast was clear. 
My siblings love having Robbie around for all of the holidays. Little kids make everything so fun!
Robbie loves his uncle Kyle!
My mom put up these ghosts around this huge tree in her front yard. I loved how they looked: the perfect combination of creepy yet cute.
Robbie's friend Lyla stopped by our house to trick or treat. Whenever I ask Robbie who his friend is, he says, "Yiya!"
Robbie loved trick or treating! He insisted on walking the entire time, barely pausing long enough to say, "Thank you," after getting his treat. Everybody loved him in his costume!
This picture is blurry, but I still love it.
Watching Robbie run around, getting so excited about his costume and candy, and hearing him say thank you to our neighbors--this was my favorite Halloween yet. Best part was, CJ and I had about over half of his candy while he slept. Not sure we'll get away with that much longer!