September 5, 2017

Little Athlete

March 19, 2017
Robbie came wired with a love for anything with a ball. I have a video of him at the young age of 10 months old sitting and swinging a golf club at a ball. He not only loves sports, he's actually quite good at them already! We show him something once, and he instantly picks it up with ease. His athleticism is even apparent in how he moves, which sounds ridiculous since he's not even two, but the kid can run. One thing is for certain--he definitely inherited CJ's athleticism!

CJ brought out a baseball bat and ball that we had bought for him and made a make shift tee out of a box and cone. As with every other sport he has been introduced to, he picked it up very quickly and became enthralled with his new capabilities. He would sit and hit the ball over and over and over again. Never losing focus or interest, even though I certainly had lost interest in retrieving the ball and placing it for him ;)
That form--he's a natural!
We also gave him a baseball to throw around with CJ. The first time he went to throw it, he turned to the side, lifted up his leg and threw it across the room. We never taught him to turn, lift his leg up, or throw it over his shoulder, he just did that naturally!
He's not even two and look at those mad hops! He's clearing the ground by inches! I swear little kids have a hard time clearing the ground with both feet when they're first learning to jump. He loves to jump over things he finds as we walk or around the house.

I foresee a lot of games and teams in my future which I could not be more excited for!

August 28, 2017

We Met Rosemary Wells!

February 28, 2017
Nothing like indoor lighting...
When it was our turn to get our books signed, we told her our almost two year loves these books and asks us to read at least one every night. She was genuinely happy to hear that we read him all of these books and more!

It has been awhile since we have been able to make it for a book signing! When I saw that Rosemary Wells was going to be at the Provo Library, I got tickets the second they became available and put it into our schedule a month in advance. Rosemary Wells is one of my all time favorite children's book authors, and Robbie loves her books too, so I wasn't missing this one for the world!

Her presentation was the best we have been to yet! She showed in great detail how she has creates all of, not only, her artwork, but her paints and texture stamps. Her illustrations were endearing and appreciated in our home before, but once we saw how much time she spends on each one, our appreciation for her books sky rocketed.

Rosemary Wells uses her books as a way to advocate for the importance encouraging reading at home. In her presentation, she said she would love to give mothers for Mother's Day each a copy of her new book "Hand in Hand" to show parents that they are their children's first and most important teacher. She read it to us and I loved it so much that I had CJ go over and buy one for me afterwards as an early Mother's Day gift. It has the most beautiful message for mothers.

It's evident that she loves the process of publishing books, and that she has a driving force of a strong belief and passion for literacy and education. We left her presentation inspired and with a significant pile of freshly signed books for our kids.

August 17, 2017

Swim Lessons

February 27, 2017
Robbie's personality thrives when he can be active or has a task to work on. As long as he's going, going, going, he's a happy kid. I have been wanting to sign him up for a class to give us something to do each week and decided private swim lessons would be a good investment and valuable skill for him to learn young!

The first few lessons, he cried for about five minutes, but then would swim with the teacher. He's always been okay with being dunked underwater, he was only nervous when he was supposed to float on his back. The teacher was so sweet and would sing a song while he was floating to help distract him. Robbie's favorite part of his lesson is when his swim teacher lets him pick a toy from the basket and has him throw it across the pool for them to swim to.

Each week he was apprehensive when we would get in the car to go, "No, no swim lesson," but within a month, he was able to float on his back all by himself!  That first lesson he floated on his back independently, he came out of the pool afterwards beaming. He was so proud of himself for doing something hard all on his own! These swim lessons have been worth every penny, not only because water safety is a big priority for me, but because he is gaining confidence from doing something that pushes him out of his comfort zone and keeps him continually trying even though he's a little nervous. They are the highlight of our week!

July 12, 2017

Potty Trained!

February 11, 2017
Robbie started telling me when he was having bowel movements and asking me to change his diaper for over a month. He also was extremely fascinated with the toilet and wouldn't leave us alone when we went to the bathroom... My mom kept telling me he was ready to be potty trained and even got him to go on the potty at her house a couple of times! I decided to listen to my mom and take this window of opportunity and go for it!

I bought the book Potty and started reading that to him. He's such a boy because he'd always start hysterically laughing at the part that says, "What's that? Tinkle, tinkle, toot!" How can he already find potty humor hilarious before he's two?? We didn't buy a little potty because I didn't want him to have problems going when we were other places. I turned him around so he was facing the toilet, this way he didn't feel like he was falling in and could hold on. We do plenty of washing hands around here, scouts honor.

The first couple days were hard because I never timed it right to have him make it on the potty. I'd put him on and he'd go five to fifteen minutes later on the frustrating. Even when he went on the floor, I'd say, "We go pee pee on the potty!" and set him on the toilet. I kept pumping him with liquids so we had plenty of practice, and I started to pick up on his potty cues so I could time putting him on the potty with him actually going on the potty. Then he started noticing that he peed a little, stop, and make it to the toilet. He LOVED putting his special stickers--cars, sports, dogs, construction vehicles, and rockets--on the big piece of butcher paper I had taped on the door every time he went. After three days of literally staying inside all day and me watching him like a hawk, we started going out on half hour drives with no accidents. Then after five days, we were good for hour long, even two hour long, excursions like my workout classes, nursery, or his swim lessons! Not too shabby!

He wasn't great about telling me when he had to go when he wasn't home for about another month. I just had to take him every hour or so when we were out, but after a couple months, he was able to climb onto the toilet and go all by himself! I can still remember walking past the bathroom and seeing  him on the toilet going all by himself. He had the biggest smile on his face and was so proud of his newest accomplishment! He's still not potty trained at night, but he goes without diapers during his nap.

People thought I was crazy for potty training him so early, but my mom told me she's convinced there is a window from 18 to 22 months where they're easier to potty train because they're not too set in their ways like they can be when they get older. It worked for Robbie! In general, from what I've read, Americans tend to potty train later so I think it can be more of a cultural thing too. I'm just happy I don't have to change poopy diapers anymore! Proud of you, Robs! Thanks for making this milestone an easy one!
I had to get pictures of Robbie one last time in diapers, and since he won't stand for a picture, he here is taking pictures while I'm taking a picture of him with his camera.
haha this picture makes my day every time!

I should also mention that Robbie's favorite thing about being potty trained is he now can run around the house naked. He never has clothes on!

June 30, 2017


Our family friends offered to let my parents use their rental right on the beach in Newport for a weekend in January. My parents invited us to come along with them, lucky us!
The first time I went to Newport was for senior trip with about 50 of my high school friends! One of my favorite memories from that trip was getting donuts from Peter at Seaside Donuts at all hours of the night. I took Robbie and CJ first thing in the morning.
This picture sums up my life as a mom--trying to keep up with the energizer bunny himself. 
They had bikes in their garage for us to use. The best part of Newport is the boardwalk along the entire beach to ride up and down on! I was especially excited to use their madsen bike with Robbie. Robbie wanted everyone but me riding the bike with him...
Ben and CJ took their kayak out onto the ocean. The biggest obstacle was when their kayak turned sideways right as a wave came and took them out. We were laughing so hard watching them from the beach.
I'd like to direct your attention to the sock on Robbie's left hand. Anytime he finds a sock laying around, he puts it on his left hand. It's never two, just one. Sometimes a glove, but usually a sock. Kyle started calling him OJ, as in OJ Simpson.
Robbie and Ben have too much swag.
We went to Disneyland for a day! It wasn't too packed and we got on most of the rides in under half an hour. Robbie's first ride was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster. He was a little nervous because I kept getting mad at CJ for trying to sabotage my score. I still beat him though....
We brought our stroller with us for Disneyland so that way he could take a nap at the park. As usual he fought sleep for about an hour. It took my mom singing to him to finally make him fall asleep.... We put on CJ's Bose noise canceling headphones, laid him all the way back, and draped a coat over the canopy so it was completely dark. He slept for three hours like that! The best part of having a little one was the stroller pass! We basically rode every ride twice and didn't have to wait in line the second time.
Ben won an oversized plush Dumbo at the boardwalk games, then CJ won a Mickey, and my Dad topped it off with a Bullseye, all of which went to Robbie. We're a family of winners ;) Robbie was pleased as punch holding onto all three of them as he was being pushed through the park in his stroller. 
This was such a fun quick weekend away to gear us up for the long gloomy months ahead--January through March, the worst!

June 19, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve, we spent the night at my parents' house to have Christmas morning with my family. Kyle was home for Christmas before being deployed for a year with the Marines; we only bought Robbie a couple of presents, and CJ and I have yet to buy each other presents, so our Christmas morning would last five minutes if it was just the three of us. 
When we woke up, Robbie realized where he was and yelled, "Mimi's house!" He was so excited to wake up at Mimi's.
It was the most memorable Christmas morning because of the fresh blanket of snow, and it continued to snow all morning.
Santa brought Robbie a Little People Race Track. He immediately ran over to it and started racing the cars over and over. I'm sure he could've kept going for fifteen minutes! In his stocking, he got some soft practice golf balls, a toy camera, sunglasses, and a basketball book!
My mom bought him Jordans for Christmas, his very own "gahbahketball shoes". Ben helped my mom pick them out. Robbie is always commenting about Kyle's and Ben's basketball shoes, but none of us, anticipated how much he'd love them! When he opened them, he let out a long, audible gasp. We put them on him, and he couldn't stop checking them out. He was especially excited because Ben and Kyle got some basketball shoes so he was just like his uncles. She also bought him a Salt Lake Bees hat and a Jazz jersey. He's all decked out!
We bought Robbie a Little People farm, Brio train set, mega blocks, and a broom set from Melissa and Doug. He played with his train set all morning!
After opening presents, we had our traditional Christmas breakfast and continued to watch the snow fall! The snows hadn't been plowed at all so we were wondering if church was going to be canceled, but when you have an apostle coming to speak to you, there's nothing stopping church! Elder Ballard used to be in our ward before moving downtown. He still comes up every year for a Christmas Devotional. This year he brought David Archuleta for his musical numbers. I wish Christmas was always on Sunday just because the message and music made that Christmas one I'll never forget.
My parents' house was made for Christmas! This was taken at night on Christmas with all of the beautiful snow we had. I really couldn't have imagined a more picturesque Christmas.

June 16, 2017

Christmas Eve

We started out our Christmas Eve at the Hunter's! CJ and I brought our pot from Switzerland for their fondue tradition. Unfortunately, we kind of blew it because we didn't anticipate how long the fondue would take to heat up... We hadn't made that much at once! It was perfect by the time everyone was done eating and sitting down for the nativity.... whoops. I just learned that CJ's Grandpa Hunter gave a red fondue pot to all of his referring dentists as a Christmas present. They kept one for their family and used it every Christmas. It makes our red fondue pot even more special to us now to have our own Hunter tradition that we'll continue on. Wendy had us play Christmas carols with chimes and then we had the nativity. Robbie lasted a quarter of a second, and the one picture I took of that quarter second didn't save because, "Memory card full!" I have yet to get a picture of Robbie in a Hunter nativity picture.
After a quick stop at our house to grab an empty memory card, we did another nativity at my Mom's because, "It's not the same without little kids!" and we're the only ones with a child. Robbie miraculously stayed up for pictures in costume! Probably because it was just his blankie on his head and also because both Zach and Will had a grip on him.
 We opened up Christmas pj's and took our traditional picture with, my cousins, the Petersen's. 
 My Grandma and Grandpa Zinn and Grandpa Bergeson were both there! How fun to be with three of your grandparents and great grandparents at the same time!
Robbie was really showing off for the group. He was sprinting around after Zach and Will and falling on the ground, rolling around laughing hysterically.
Had to throw this one in haha
Eagerly anticipating Christmas morning with Robbie!